Ein wenig Grünzeug

Stein auf Stein zur Sonne

Wednesday, August 27. 2014

Some green stuff

Some news from the garden this time. We planted some stuff. We had a voucher for plants from my colleagues, so we went shopping and bought some plants for the east side of our terrace:

different plants between sand stones
A (hopefully) easy to handle part of the hill on our terrace

The hill is my personal reminder of one of the nicest lodges we stayed in for our holiday in New Zealand a few years ago. Little Earth Lodge near Whangarei had something similar (although bigger) on their land:

A meadow with huge basalt blocks
No sandstone, but (I assume) basalt and much bigger, but anyway.

In a related note we grew some kiwi plants over the winter. It's actually rather easy: you clean the little seeds from residual pulp (otherwise it might mold), plant and water them and they develop into quite large plants. They are supposedly able to withstand freezing temperatures. We'll see, because we planted two of them next to our garage:

Two kiwi plants next to the garage
The left plant actually copes better with the location change. Let's see, how they do in the winter.


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