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Saturday, October 18. 2014

Extension of our wood store

Before winter hits I had some tinkering to do in the garden. We decided that our wood storage needed an extension. Thing is: we don't need that much wood to burn, but we buy freshly cut lumber (it's cheaper), so we have to store it for 2-3 years to dry. That takes up quite some room, so an extension was in order.

Well, long story short: Manu's berry bushes had to move (that's why I started so late into the fall: waiting for the harvest...). This time I hopefully did everything right on the foundation to keep the mice from digging up earth into the wood.

The challenge this time: use only hand tools (and a cordless screwdriver. I really didn't want to by a hand drill just for this one project). Some weeks ago I bought a nice set of japanese hand saws, that can now show off their talents. Let's see::

Connection at the cross-piece
The strongest connection holds up the roof. The cross-piece at least in part is fully seated on the post and is being held in place by a large dowel. Let's hope, that this holds. BTW: straigt cuts with the hand saw have to be practised.
Compound mitered cut
Probably the most complex cut. The rear tie-beam is tilted about 10° to follow the roof tilt. In order for the brace to meet it, the cut has to follow that angle. Took some time to get this right.
Connection between post and bar
My new (and old from my grandpa) chisels had their hour also. The existing construction for the fence on the ends of the store has proven to weak (which is why I will need to empty the last compartment and repair it before it breaks). This time the bar and the connection are much stronger.
The wooden frame
The wooden frame nearly done. The front and rear tie-beam are held in place by 25 mm dowels on each end (I don't really trust screws in that position anymore since they were just torn apart in the old construction. Might be a constructive error though.) The inner ones are held in place by screws. The overhang on the end was a spontaneous decision. You can never have enough space with a roof in the garden.
The wood store is done
And the roof is done. As before the roof is made of bitumen corrogated panels. This time they are mounted to the tie-beams without boards to form the roof underneath. The idea was to make it a bit cheaper, although the price turned out to be approximately the same in the end. A roofer friend of my father made some more of the flashing (after some back and forth including emailed pictures. Without the proper terms it's really hard to describe what you need.) Everything should be weathertight now. Just the coat is missing. That'll be done (hopefully) next week.

All in all it was worth the effort. Now for the repairs of the older part and we're ready to receive the next batch of wood.


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