Wenn der neue Telefonanschluss die Heizung kil ...

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Thursday, November 13. 2014

When the new landline kills the heating system...

It's getting cold in Germany. This is not really a surprise for this time of year. What was a surprise, however, is that out living room was getting cold also. In the end: that's exactly what we bought the heating system for (or rather: against). For the last few days, the room was a bit chillyand the floor was noticably cooler, than the kitchen. Those are two different circuits, so I expected the worst: the thermostat, the valve, something that would be expensive...

Well, today the best of all wives had the right idea: we have a new landline since mid of October. With this came a new router (it's a VoIP solution based on ADSL2+, something the old router just couldn't do.) Due to the way, the cables are running, the router is located in our living room. It's one of those shiny, white Telekom Speedport W724V anyway. Well, such a router produces quite some head, so you shouldn't hang it just below the thermostat for the room. Shouldn't...

router below the thermostat
The thermostat was warm. We not so much. We're looking for a different solution, while the router sits on the floor again.


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