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Friday, March 20. 2015

Sun house and a solar eclipse

What does a sun house do in a solar eclipse? Well, the same as on any day with clouds: patiently waiting for the sun to return. It is quite interesting, though, to oserve the collector temperature during the eclipse.

temperature curve of the collector
Collector during the eclipse

Our house entering the penumbra coincided with the start of the pump for today, so the curve is a bit strange. The spike is nothing special for today. This happens everytime, the fluid starts flowing: first a high spike as the hot water in the collectors rushes by the sensor (it's sitting at the output of the collector for obvious reasons), then a sharp drop when the first cooler water from the pipes reaches to output and the system reaches (more or less) equilibrium. This is the point labeled "Beginn". Afterwards you can quite nicely see the decline of the temperature as we go deeper into the penumbra (the pumps don't have a say in this. The system detected more or less right away, that the energy input is to small and switched off).

I marked the point of the largest overlap. As you can see this doesn't coincide with the minimum temperature. The collector has to get rid of the stored energy first (as the pumps are off), so the temperature follows the overlap by about 15 minutes. The point I marked as "Ende" isn't really the end of the eclipse. It's just the point where the system switches on again and the temperatures do no longer clearly depend on the overlap.

In the end just a little picture of how the eclipse looked like from our house:

Approximately 74% overlap between moon and sun
Maximum overlap looked like this

I'd like to see a total eclipse over our house, but this won't be in my lifetime. The next is on September 3rd, 2081. I'd be over 100 by then...


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