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Tuesday, April 28. 2015

Driveway (nearly) done

Since we moved in the house had to be entered via over an area of gravel. That introduces quite some dirt into the house and is rather ugly to clean in the winter. Therefore our plan has been for quite some time, to get that paved. Some time ago our contractor called us and told us, that we're to be the first project after the winter. We like the result:

View of the paved driveway
We've used a special type of ecological pavement (basically the gaps are big enough to drain the rainwater), so the area counts as unsealed (i.e. "natural"). Water does drain quite fast, to be honest.
View of the plants next to the door
With the driveway done we can continue with some plantings. First thing finished is a Bosnian pine to the right of the front door. This tree is supposed to grow to a height of 6 metres in the next 40 years or so. Let's see...


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